[MovieReview] 500 Days of Summer (2009)

500 days summer

The half people used symbol black and white to call contrast, conflict, and time. The world still rumble on

… the pivot. Planet and star discovered and disappeared be dust. People born and killed because starving, war, or disaster. Public money was stolen leaders didn’t careless. The bar had been burned because a guy loss girl. Family divorced and represented by lawyer on the green table. Or the couple broke up without explanation. “The real world” was dirty, hard, bad, and damn.

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[MovieReview] Pride and Prejudice (2005)


If you’re single woman, the mean index, surely, you like a single man handsome, rich, and smart enough. The classic reasons were handsome help child face, rich will scroll social level, and smart can be nice conversation. Its like a “hors d’oeuvre”. Small bite and precious moment: salty, sour or spicy, light, and fresh.

Love is possible.

Specially, responsible. The man should responsible who love. If fourth combine together its complete. All ladies give attention to love you.

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[English Version] Will See

“Do you remember me?”

“All of you. Ona, why you call me?”

“Mr. Han have some advice. He said my time is short….. I’ll tell ya if we’re meeting at 18.00 a.m. at Cinere near Pasar Segar tomorrow. I’ll treat you.”

Mr.Han is arabic and english teacher. Though He wasn’t counseling high school teacher. He multi talented. Number wahid. Every time we’ve a problem after school We met Mr.Han. We wasn’t care nethink other students.

Three years We often fight because I called lion hair. Childish! Ona was a wisest and sexy student specialist language. She’s pretty hot. Every years, always be a finalist english competition. Somehow, why after pass She chose accounting class!? Look the number She always complain, queasy. Perhaps her brain sliding. I should cross check before She was sick (mad).

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